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Final Fantasy XIV PvP needs revamp

New map has a good percent of rng just to get Cheap FFXIV Gil advantage. Then again it is just a zergfest which has a very limited amount of skill or enjoy ability long term. Have yet to see a game where either one team dominates or it is just between two teams anyways where the third team just trolls one team to let the other win. Have not even tired the other maps, srry I have no patience for 1 hour ques. Last quip is what is the point of pvp exp? It is a grind for the sake of grind it gives you an ever so slight advantage (almost nonexistent in wolfs den for the most part on cool downs), and in the end all it just proves you can grind not that you have any skill at pvp. Why not ranked pvp or smaller maps with 8-16 players, why not 1 team V 1 team? Anyone want to explain why A. PvP grind is good for the game, B. why 3 team 72 zergfest is the primary mode currently and C. Why can they not put time into pvp?

A. Because that’s the only long term goal for PvP besides achievements.
B. Because more people like it that way, which drives a lot of PvE players into PvP while remaining mostly “for the fun”. Competitive PvP players are a very small minority (in NA/EU mostly).
C. Because FFXIV Gil is a PvE themepark game and their ressources aren’t infinite, so they develop stuff based on what the majority wish to see first… and that stuff isn’t PvP related.


Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward sidequests that hit you in the feels

I’ve only just completed Buy FFXIV Gil the Ishgard sidequest, “Unfulfilled Dreams”, and it saddened me more than I would’ve expected.

Here is my character, the Warrior of Light and the slayer of gods and dragons, but he wasn’t even able to save a child from needlessly freezing to death.

What use is personal glory, if it can’t help you save lives when it matters?

For that reason, Lyland Battersea is keeping the small gem given to him after the end of the quest, as a reminder of how powerless he was in the face of social inequities.

What about you guys? Do you have any other “feels” to share from the Heavensward sidequests?

The Vath quest about that one Gnath deep inside the hive that suddenly became self-aware.
At first I was annoyed having to go all the way back into that bee-nest full of things capable of easily killing me more than once, but the idea really grew on me, it made me happy to help even one insect to find her way to freedom, to a place in which she could explore her likes, dislikes, what she wants to do with her life, which food she’d like..just, becoming a PERSON instead of just a mindless part of something bigger.

In the end, that never happened, because she heard the voice again shortly before we reached Loth ast Vath, and she went back to the hive, never having Final Fantasy XIV Gil experienced anything but the fear and danger of having to think for herself and making decisions.
Through that quest, it struck me really hard how fleeting the nature of the Vath is, and how they suffer with the fear of one day hearing the voice again and returning to being only a part of the collective conciousness of the Gnath, losing any sense of self and any freedom of thought.
It’s scary, and it made me apprechiate that beastmen race a lot despite hating insects in general xD

A few MCH tweak ideas

Hey, I just thought after running through MCH stuff and seeing what I perceive to be some of it’s problems, I’d try to offer some little fixes here and there to make the class flow a little better. I’m no game designer or anything, but I have done a mockup Red Mage class on the forums before, so I figure I can’t be too bad at this. Mostly it’s for fun, since I doubt anything I would write would get implemented anyway, but it can’t hurt to see what you guys think, right? Well, not much.

1: Get rid of the damage on Blank.
Oh god everyone hates that one MCH that uses Blank for DPS for anything but immune bosses and enemies that are about to be finished off with it. And MCH themselves hate feeling like they need to use it for their DPS, considering how much they’re doing to stay damage competitive, and running into melee to use it for damage sucks. You’re using a gun, you should never have to melee. Which brings up point two.

2: Increase the range of Suppressive Fire.
Why is the range on this 5 yards oh god that is just awful. It makes stunning anything in a party a nightmare due to the whole “gotta go melee to do this” problem, and if it’s for damage since it both shares CDs with and does the same damage as Head Graze, you’ll just use that instead. I mean, if it has to be melee, couldn’t we get a kickin’ rad pistol whip as a stun instead? At least I’d feel good doing that. But it’d be best to at least make it a ranged skill like everything else; if we have a mob on us we don’t want on us, we’ll use blank and leg or foot graze.

3: Dismantle, Rend Mind, and Hypercharge need some fixes.
I personally have a problem with all of MCH’s shared cooldown skills, because it feels like you’re getting one skill for the price of two. But most, I see the point behind- not Dismantle and Rend Mind. Let’s do a comparison here.

Dismantle: Lowers target’s physical damage dealt by 5%. 10s duration. 90s cooldown.
Rend Mind: Lowers target’s magical damage dealt by 5%. 10s duration. 90s cooldown.
Eye for an Eye: Lowers target’s damage dealt by 10%. 20s duration. 120s cooldown.

Hypercharge(Rook Turret): Increases target’s physical damage taken by 5%. 10-25s duration. 12s cooldown.
Hypercharge(Bishop Turret): Increases target’s magical damage taken by 5%. 10-25s duration. 120s cooldown.
Trick Attack: Increases target’s damage taken by 10%. 10s duration. 60s cooldown.

I could go into Rage of Halone and Dragon Kick and (Super)virus and Battle Litany jazz if I want too but the point is clear: Why do Dismantle, Rend Mind, and Hypercharge suck so much?

Dismantle and Rend Mind should clearly be one skill to even hold a slight candle to the utility skills brought by other classes. And furthermore, as a class with more emphasis on utility and support, why in the name of Thal’s balls are all of MCH’s supportive debuffs worse than classes with a higher emphasis on damage? Hypercharge, funny enough, I feel should be two skills instead of one, since it rolls two kinds of crappy knockoff Trick Attacks and Battle Voice together. So clearly, we need to do both, since that’d use the same number of skill slots.

In other words, get rid of Rend Mind and Dismantle, and make them into one skill gained at level 50 with much more oomph to it. Make the target do 5% less damage overall, and give the attack a nice fat 300 potency smack on top of it. For a level 50 skill, and rightfully so, that’d be really satisfying. Why 300 potency? That’s three times the potency of Blank, which has a 30 second cooldown, so the lost damage from blank doing no damage would go to this skill instead. Just… make the machinist shoot the enemy in the nuts or something. That’d work. Blame Rostnsthal. Graze Vitals.

To compensate, I feel it’d be good to split Hypercharge into two skills. First, shift Hypercharge to level 56, and make it cause your turrets to regenerate TP or MP respectively for 15 seconds, on it’s 120 second cooldown. Instead of just doubling the regen values, make it simply regen the base value, and stack with Promotion- so you can either do 15 seconds of party regenning without losing any damage, or just do Battle Voice levels of regen like normal.

Second, make the level 58 skill one to cause your turret attacks to apply a 10 second long, 10% damage vulnerability debuff to targets. All damage, not just physical or magical based on whatever turret you have up. Keep it’s cooldown at 120 seconds; that makes it’s utility as strong as a ninja’s, but you keep the cooldown twice as long because a savvy MCH can apply the debuff to multiple enemies before the time runs out. What do we call a skill like that though? I was fond of “Perforate” when I had it kicking around in my mind.

Whew, I went into a real tangent there. My bad.

4: Buff Heartbreak
I’m not even going to rant on this one forever- why the crap is Heartbreak worse than Misery’s End in every way? Either make it’s potency higher, cooldown lower(I’d kill(hah) for this one), or let it be used at higher than 20% target HP or something. It just bugs me so much that it’s literally inferior to the bard equivalent in every way.

I’m not going to go into any more tweaks on their actual damage skills or why no one likes the 1-2-3’s RNG and Reload is a really impotent buff, because while MCH damage is kind of janky and we all know it, the hotfix that boosted Gauss damage made them at least able to bypass DPS checks and that’s what’s important. I figure though, with a class so focused on debuffs and field control, having their debuffs be so janky and take a backseat to classes who already do more damage than them is just messed up.

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