Final Fantasy XIV Heavensward sidequests that hit you in the feels

I’ve only just completed Buy FFXIV Gil the Ishgard sidequest, “Unfulfilled Dreams”, and it saddened me more than I would’ve expected.

Here is my character, the Warrior of Light and the slayer of gods and dragons, but he wasn’t even able to save a child from needlessly freezing to death.

What use is personal glory, if it can’t help you save lives when it matters?

For that reason, Lyland Battersea is keeping the small gem given to him after the end of the quest, as a reminder of how powerless he was in the face of social inequities.

What about you guys? Do you have any other “feels” to share from the Heavensward sidequests?

The Vath quest about that one Gnath deep inside the hive that suddenly became self-aware.
At first I was annoyed having to go all the way back into that bee-nest full of things capable of easily killing me more than once, but the idea really grew on me, it made me happy to help even one insect to find her way to freedom, to a place in which she could explore her likes, dislikes, what she wants to do with her life, which food she’d like..just, becoming a PERSON instead of just a mindless part of something bigger.

In the end, that never happened, because she heard the voice again shortly before we reached Loth ast Vath, and she went back to the hive, never having Final Fantasy XIV Gil experienced anything but the fear and danger of having to think for herself and making decisions.
Through that quest, it struck me really hard how fleeting the nature of the Vath is, and how they suffer with the fear of one day hearing the voice again and returning to being only a part of the collective conciousness of the Gnath, losing any sense of self and any freedom of thought.
It’s scary, and it made me apprechiate that beastmen race a lot despite hating insects in general xD

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