Final Fantasy XIV PvP needs revamp

New map has a good percent of rng just to get Cheap FFXIV Gil advantage. Then again it is just a zergfest which has a very limited amount of skill or enjoy ability long term. Have yet to see a game where either one team dominates or it is just between two teams anyways where the third team just trolls one team to let the other win. Have not even tired the other maps, srry I have no patience for 1 hour ques. Last quip is what is the point of pvp exp? It is a grind for the sake of grind it gives you an ever so slight advantage (almost nonexistent in wolfs den for the most part on cool downs), and in the end all it just proves you can grind not that you have any skill at pvp. Why not ranked pvp or smaller maps with 8-16 players, why not 1 team V 1 team? Anyone want to explain why A. PvP grind is good for the game, B. why 3 team 72 zergfest is the primary mode currently and C. Why can they not put time into pvp?

A. Because that’s the only long term goal for PvP besides achievements.
B. Because more people like it that way, which drives a lot of PvE players into PvP while remaining mostly “for the fun”. Competitive PvP players are a very small minority (in NA/EU mostly).
C. Because FFXIV Gil is a PvE themepark game and their ressources aren’t infinite, so they develop stuff based on what the majority wish to see first… and that stuff isn’t PvP related.

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