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I don’t feel like FFXIV Foulques was intended to be written in an actually sympathetic way

I dunno, while I get where your points are coming from, I don’t feel like Foulques was intended to be written in an actually sympathetic way. The dialogue with the Guild leader for each class quest sort of reinforces this FFXIV Gil idea that Foulques is just some disturbed Duskwight and you (the character) would do well to ignore him. Even his final acknowledgment of Foulques as “tragic” ends up sounding very dismissive. “Oh what a tragic character. He could have been the best of us! But there’s no point in dwelling on it, moving on!”

And FFXIV Foulques is driven by more than just his friends betraying him. Not only did they refuse to confess alongside him, but they also proceeded to insult him with racial slurs and participate in the culture of racism towards Duskwight that very clearly permeates Gridanian culture. Presumably these friends were also lancers, and I doubt they were the only people in the Lancer’s Guild who engaged in Duskwight racism – either casual or deliberately targeted. Plus if Foulques’s comments and our general knowledge of Gridanian attitudes toward Duskwight are anything to go by, his stint in jail was likely agonizing.

Blaming Foulques for revolting and then having a breakdown is like blaming a puppy who finally bites his owner after Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil being abused for years. And I don’t think the story treated that with the respect it deserves. I don’t think a lot of the negative social constructs in Eorzea get treated in the way they deserve. :S


I also have come to understand Final Fantasy XIV Yoshi-P stance about it

1st of all am not here to Buy FFXIV Gil say bring back all the glory of crafting and make crafting OP and all which even if I would love to see it happen, I also have come to understand Final Fantasy XIV Yoshi-P stance about it.

They even said so before about how OP melded gear can be even when its lower I level than the raid rewards, which is true and also untrue (you would need to spent stupid amount of money on the melds, so not many people could actually do it)

But lets accept it, people craft because they like to craft, and they are taking that away from us.

Then, (oh god i will hate myself for this) why not do it the WoW way (he already copied a lot of stuff from WoW anyway) and make crafters able to alterate/enhance gear from raids add materia slots, add a crafting component to add stats, there are so many things that could make crafting part of end-game raiding that doesn’t need to be crafting whole new gear, and break the balance of the game like they fear.

But the lack of use for crafters in this patch beside making Final Fantasy XIV BIS gear for crafting the best crafting gear, is deplorable, Only interaction crafters have with raid groups are the alchemist and the culinarians and nothing else. Yoshi-P said so before that he doesn’t want to put much attention on crafting and yes that is ok, but then don’t add systems that break the people that want to craft and let them stranded in nowhere, let us participate, i even gave up on crafting on this patch cause the lack of incentive and I really like to craft.

Ps. Am not gonna go in the whole red scrips things since there are lots of FFXIV Gil treads about it already

The Final Fantasy XIV next step of Relic: And your hopes for it

So, what kind of upgrade path is everyone here hoping for when it comes to the new relic?

Right now, I’m a bit worried – because if I had to guess, it looks like we’ve been giving our “Relic V.2” via Esoterics. I hope this isn’t the case, but it very well could be that we need to buy cheap ffxiv gil the initial Relic via Final Fantasy XIV Esoterics+Upgrade to start the path.

Likely 3.1 will see the upgrade for weapons added in, meaning that people will be able to proceed together.

I would personally prefer to do job-specific or group-specific content like we saw Ala the original Relics. I was a little dissapointed that there wasn’t any relics on release to grind out for each job like there was in Final Fantasy XIV 3.0 patch.

How about you guys? Are you hoping they repeat any specific phases of the upgrades? Towards the end of the lifespan of the last set of relics, it basically all devolved to running all content to grind out ‘light’ or some other measurable progress (‘cept zeta drops. ’cause RNG :c)

I didn’t mind the light phases too much, at least I could play almost any content that an FC member needed help with and still earn light progress. I enjoyed the book phases, FATE camping notwithstanding, they provided a good variety of tasks to do in any order. Before the relic grind sends us back to old FFXIV Gil content, though, I’d like to see a lengthy quest chain to craft the new relic with original quests, then maybe an instanced battle or trial or two. I hope they avoid requiring expensive materials or materia.

Final Fantasy XIV PvP Consecutive Loss Bonus. Turn it into a Consecutive Match Bonus

The consecutive loss bonus that stacks up every time you come in 2nd, or 3rd, is just badly done in my opinion. While it’s definitely nice, i feel it something else should Buy FFXIV Gil have been done with it.

As it is right now, getting the loss bonus is better than scattered wins. If you come in 2nd or 3rd enough, the bonus will stack up to 50%, where you will begin getting 300 Exp for every 3rd place, and 450 Exp for every 2nd place. It’s nice, but the problem is, if you can keep that chain going by getting 2nd/3rd, you come out with a LOT more exp overall than if you were getting scattered wins in between a bunch of losses. It makes you feel like you should be playing for second or third any time that bonus begins to stack up, otherwise you lose it and are back to getting 200/300 per match until it racks up again.

I don’t know if it would be too much exp if it stays at 50%, but I feel that the bonus should be turned into a consecutive play bonus, where as you play more and more matches for the day, the bonus racks up until it caps itself out.

Reward people for playing multiple matches, no matter the place they come in, not just those who keep losing. And especially not a bonus that gives a better reward through prioritizing constant second place, something much easier to get Cheap FFXIV Gil than 1st.