The Final Fantasy XIV next step of Relic: And your hopes for it

So, what kind of upgrade path is everyone here hoping for when it comes to the new relic?

Right now, I’m a bit worried – because if I had to guess, it looks like we’ve been giving our “Relic V.2” via Esoterics. I hope this isn’t the case, but it very well could be that we need to buy cheap ffxiv gil the initial Relic via Final Fantasy XIV Esoterics+Upgrade to start the path.

Likely 3.1 will see the upgrade for weapons added in, meaning that people will be able to proceed together.

I would personally prefer to do job-specific or group-specific content like we saw Ala the original Relics. I was a little dissapointed that there wasn’t any relics on release to grind out for each job like there was in Final Fantasy XIV 3.0 patch.

How about you guys? Are you hoping they repeat any specific phases of the upgrades? Towards the end of the lifespan of the last set of relics, it basically all devolved to running all content to grind out ‘light’ or some other measurable progress (‘cept zeta drops. ’cause RNG :c)

I didn’t mind the light phases too much, at least I could play almost any content that an FC member needed help with and still earn light progress. I enjoyed the book phases, FATE camping notwithstanding, they provided a good variety of tasks to do in any order. Before the relic grind sends us back to old FFXIV Gil content, though, I’d like to see a lengthy quest chain to craft the new relic with original quests, then maybe an instanced battle or trial or two. I hope they avoid requiring expensive materials or materia.

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