I also have come to understand Final Fantasy XIV Yoshi-P stance about it

1st of all am not here to Buy FFXIV Gil say bring back all the glory of crafting and make crafting OP and all which even if I would love to see it happen, I also have come to understand Final Fantasy XIV Yoshi-P stance about it.

They even said so before about how OP melded gear can be even when its lower I level than the raid rewards, which is true and also untrue (you would need to spent stupid amount of money on the melds, so not many people could actually do it)

But lets accept it, people craft because they like to craft, and they are taking that away from us.

Then, (oh god i will hate myself for this) why not do it the WoW way (he already copied a lot of stuff from WoW anyway) and make crafters able to alterate/enhance gear from raids add materia slots, add a crafting component to add stats, there are so many things that could make crafting part of end-game raiding that doesn’t need to be crafting whole new gear, and break the balance of the game like they fear.

But the lack of use for crafters in this patch beside making Final Fantasy XIV BIS gear for crafting the best crafting gear, is deplorable, Only interaction crafters have with raid groups are the alchemist and the culinarians and nothing else. Yoshi-P said so before that he doesn’t want to put much attention on crafting and yes that is ok, but then don’t add systems that break the people that want to craft and let them stranded in nowhere, let us participate, i even gave up on crafting on this patch cause the lack of incentive and I really like to craft.

Ps. Am not gonna go in the whole red scrips things since there are lots of FFXIV Gil treads about it already

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