FFXIV Airship Builder Tool

I’ve realized that my airship builder tool was a little hard to find since it was buried in the Airship Logs sheet. This is something that I’d imagine people would find UFFXIV useful on its own, and something that people might it useful to have a personal copy. So, I’ve created a sheet with just the airship builder tool and nothing else.

The sheet can be found here.

You can play around with that copy of the sheet (the parts dropdowns and rank fields should be editable, though the rest should be locked) or you can make a personal copy of it.

To make a copy for yourself, just go to File -> Make a Copy. You can then build your 1-4 current ships and see what small changes will do and what rank you’d need the ship to be to make each upgrade. If you want to design the “final state” of your ships and their current state, you can just copy the ship builder tab.

I’ll be adding a few more features later, like a parts inventory that’ll let you see what you can make with your current parts, and what would require making new FFXIV Gil parts.

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