Forced to watch cutscenes, over and over and over and over

I like a lot of the cutscenes, but I also likeCheap BNS Gold the option to skip them if I don’t want to keep watching them in a dungeon run.  I just found out that the party leader can choose to skip them or force you to watch them.  So all I ask is that you party leaders, please ask the group in advance if they have not seen the cutscenes, and if everyone has ask if they want to skip or watch.  That way you aren’t forcing everyone to watch the scenes repeatedly.  It’s just a thoughtful thing to do.. thanks

I would gladly take lead, but everytime I get into a dungeon run the dungeon changes whoever is lead.  Unless I am missing something, how do you keep the party lead without the system automatically changing the lead to another random player in your party?

Leaders are ruthless. Should become one yourself if you don’t want that power on others. Just tell the leader before you reach the boss to cancel the scene, the leader probly thinks its everyone’s first time unless the level difference Buy BNS Gold is obvious.

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