having GMs sit and watch region/faction

Hey all, we are working as fast as we can on addressing the concern Blade & Soul Gold 
with bots to get rid of them. We want them out just as badly as you do!

Thank you for the reply. I am glad to here you are addressing the situation. I didn’t see many people discussing the bot issue, so I was unsure if you guys were trying to remedy the situation.

2 hours ago, Infidel said:
Bots are like cockroaches. No matter what you do they are always present. But steps can be taken to severely reduce their presence. Have patience, this is launch weeks so their main priority is settling the queue problem, then any other problems where people can’t connect. Then when this emergency is resolved, they will work on other stuff.

Yes I know it will take some time. I know NCSOFT is focusing on the queue issue, but figured if they could find a way to lesson the amount of bots, then they wouldn’t need to open a bunch of servers that will be merged in about a month. Perhaps using a captcha at the start of the game after talking to Namsooyon (I just butchered her name forgive me T^T), or making our log in pins random like the JP server. In the JP server we were given a list of pins(about 20-30), when we logged on it would ask for Pin #1 & #12, or any random number. It could slow the bots a bit.

We already have the OTP and the bots are circumventing that. Mostly because they aren’t purely bots. There is someone monitoring them, so things like captcha won’t be much more help. One way people liked to catch bots was with wispers that were never answered, so when those games started banning people for not responding, the bot monitor started answering wispers.

I do think that having GMs sit and watch region/faction and autoban spammers is a good idea. But it does cost money to pay someone to do that….Personally I think it would be worth it. But that is because I think it improves my personal gameplay. A corporation would need to see graphs than prove that the expense spent in more manpower directly translates into more revenue.

Why not get volunteer players to do the job. Some players are willing to assist in the banning of bots. Of course there is the issue of power abuse, so to remedy that, every ban made by the volunteer must have a documented video and picture of the person they banned.

If a innocent player is banned then they submit a ticket to NCSOFT for an account. If their is no picture or video available to prove them guilty then give their account back.

Many games have volunteer game helpers, that assist other players and get limited powers. So it is worth petitioning for, but I’d be surprised if anyone at NCSoft picked it up during the opening rush. Normally players have to not only volounteer but provide some kind of proof they already know the game to a given extent.

Soft bans might be too much, but the volunteer rep might get mute abilities. Slapping mute on players would be pretty effective. Make a thread outlining some responsibilities and limitations for a volunteer game guide, because they exist in other games and make Cheap Blade And Soul Gold gameplay much better for everyone. Hopefully there will be enough community support to make NCsoft consider it seriously.

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