Blade and Soul China : Feel the wrath of pirates from Blood Shark Harbour

Pirate East Tianba is enraged at the news of his precious grand daughter’s defeat at the Sea Snake Harbour. Gathered with Cheap Blade And Soul Gold his band of infamous pirates, they are ready for revenge!

3 new updates in March
1. Guild system
There will be an upgrade in the current guild system, which includes a Guild Blacksmith function. As the guild level up, members would be given the choice to produce guild exclusive items. The Guild system will see more benefits in the upcoming patch.

2. Balance of classes in PVP
Kungfu Master, Lyn Blade Master and Summoner would have some tweaks in their skills to bring more balance into the PVP scene.

3. Blood Shark Harbour Instance (Hero Grade 4/6/24 men)
The infamous pirate crew of East Tianba is back! To revenge for the defeat of his grand daughter, Pohwan he has gathered the elites from his ranks. Well you guys are in for a treat!

4. Mushin Tower (Hero Grade Solo Instance)
Well well the long awaited Mushin Tower is here! Do you think you have what it takes to be the best? Challenge yourself to defeat the master swordsmen at the top of Mushin Tower!

There will be more news coming up for the respective instances, I am so hyped for this upcoming update! March is definitely going to be a good month for all of us! XD

Events Leading Up to Blood Shark Harbour

After logging in using IE, you will be able to unlock a stage everyday (The ? Globes) Click on it to understand the requirements for the stage. You should automatically receive a quest when you logged in and completing the quest will allow you to claim the rewards for the various stages. There will be a mad brawl event somewhere within and normal members would only be able to attempt once a day.

Anyway that is all for the updates for this month, there will be more news coming during the 15 of March and I can’t wait to see the release of the 2 new instances!! Take care guys and have a great week ahead!

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