Blade and Soul China : Freedom Guild settled and (Tiramisu’s) Force Master Build

How I interpreted his skills:

1. Ice Palm Strike
Increase Defense, recovers 1 Force and recovers a set HP when target is cheap Blade & Soul Gold hit by the skill. After executing this skill, increases own’s defense.

2. Frost Palm Strike
Slows the enemy and increases own’s defense.

3. Protective Sphere
Protects all party members wearing the neutral or same faction’s costume from ranged attacks.

4. Flame Palm Strike
Deals high fire damage to enemies

5. Fire Tornado
Deals fire damage and add flame counters to enemy. Able to cure party members who are inflicted with ice status.

6. Fire Ball Strike
Deals fire damage and add flame counters to enemy. Deal additional damage for every flame counters stacked on the enemy.

7. Curing Skill
Cure yourself of abnormal status like stun, paralyze and more.

8. Ice Stream Palm Strike
Deals high Ice damage, increases own’s defense after casting this skill.

9. Vacuum Strike
Able to block incoming attacks for 0.5 seconds. Throws enemies that are frozen 5m backwards and stun them. Removes ice and fire status from enemy and deals high damage in accordance to the amount of fire counters stacked on the enemy.

10. Dodge
Dodge backward

11. Force Cover
Reduce party member’s damage by 20% and replenishes own’s HP. Unable to apply effects on players who are wearing opposing faction costumes. Increases own’s defense by 10%

He shared that a Force Master should stick to a particular build. This build he shared here is good for leveling and farming but it requires some modification when attempting Instances. This is a pure PVE build as you can see he committed most of his points to the offensive side of the skill tree. Tiramisu has recommended to max out SS as it can help you escape even if you are “stunned” and also he advised to get at least one point in the skill that exerts cold force as it slows down the enemies and prevents them from dashing towards you.

I hope this introduction has been useful to all aspiring Force Masters and if you think you have a good build to share with our readers, please feel free to PM me. On a separate note TGC is just 7 days away from us, I am excited to see what events or promotions Tencent is going to Buy Blade And Soul Gold come up with for Blade and Soul. With Tencent flying SNSD all the way down to Shanghai things are sure going to be crazy. As usual, I will keep you guys updated on any OBT news 24/7 during the event. Till then, keep calm and play games!

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