how toxic pvp is in this game Blade And Soul is because “Korean Esports”

Sorry NCSoft

But if your excuse for how toxic pvp is in this game Blade And Soul Gold is because “Korean Esports”, this game is going to die rather quickly in the US.

I have done around 100 matches and pretty much the only decent fight I get where it actually feels like it is a battle of skill is with another forcemaster.

BM/LBM: If it doesn’t get resisted, because for some reason the magic defense in arena is so freaking high that 90% of every spell cast is resisted… It is countered. Also, I get stunned every time for 2 seconds. Then knocked into the air, which can’t be countered for another 6-8 seconds.

KFM: Counter spam, you get stunned. They basically do the same thing above, except now they ground pound you. Also, that can’t be broken. Also, they heal for 30% of their health. Yeah, because reasons.

Summoner: Yeah, self explanatory. Though, honestly I honestly feel like this is a skill match up against FM. Since I just force grip the cat and sleep it. But they are still pretty stupid but pretty much every pet class in any game is (warlock in wow, spiritmaster in aion, etc, etc.)

Assassin: Don’t know how to feel about this, they are slightly less oppressive than BM/KFM since you can actually bait out their counter and it is down for a few seconds which gives you time to do things and stuff.

Destoryer: LOL!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I have played a lot of games and played a lot of pvp, I have never seen a bigger example of a true 2 button class. I literally see them spin2win every fight. Everytime.
You could say “Blah blah blah Koreans, get gewd”. Korea is not on the same patch, and they did cry about the same crap we are. This is the worst game I have ever seen balanced for pvp, hands down.

Considering this games main focus is PVP, lets be real about things since there is zero endgame right now. You guys really need to take a look at this crap or you need to hurry and release the lv 50 update or even do both.

PvP is cancer. The only reason I do it now is to Buy Blade And Soul Gold get the stupid boxes, the silver and that is it.

PvP should be fun, it currently isn’t unless you are a brain-dead destroyer that presses 2 buttons too win going “LOLIMSOGUDLOL!GETREKTSCRUBSLOL!”.

This isn’t a learning curve issues, this is straight mechani

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