Blade And Soul Players avoiding players while questing is entirely user error

Players avoiding players while questing is entirely user error. Every quest I did Blade And Soul Power leveling up can be done faster and more effectively in a party. Even item drop quests are shared with party members. You can invite someone mid way through a kill and get credit for it. Boss monsters are contribution based so you don’t even need a party for those.
There is not much you can do if other players don’t accept your invite though.
You can try your best and still get punished by this stupid tagging system.
I can’t remember that somebody ever complained about getting benefit from playing together while not being in a party? You’ld be happy if a stranger helped you clearing a mob without you having to try to click at him jumping around and waiting for the invite to be accepted or declined in order to progress.

Even if you invite people to a party and the yall accept – it still means that you boost other players out of their share when doing a quest as a 6 man group you essentially occupy the area.

Why should the game punish you for playign it with as many friends as you like?

I see absolutely no other valid reason for this stupid tagging system other than bot prevention.

I’ve leveled two characters through the first two acts and one through all three. Maybe one in ten players refuse an invite. (and another through beta)

If you need help killing something other than a boss you are doing things wrong. I’d usually prefer other players don’t mess with my tags. I don’t appreciate having to chase them around.

If you have 6 people doing a quest in an area you are going to clear quests incredibly fast. Even if you are tagging every mob in a zone there are channels other players can use to get away from your group. In most cases you won’t be able to invite 6 people before a quest is finished.

The problems you are pointing out make me suspect you Buy Blade And Soul Gold haven’t actually tried inviting players as you progress through the game. These potential problems are non issues in practice.

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