eveing to Blade And Soul 45 and 45 content was far harder on original TW/KR/CN/JP versions

To be honest you dont realise how damn easy this version is, leveing to 45 and 45 content was far harder on original TW/KR/CN/JP versions, even the private Russian server was harder. WE have got very nerfed down level 45 content to help everybody lvl up, and you still complain ‘its a grind’

In the end we will over the next few months have Blade And Soul Gold the exact same game as other versions have the official ones, the ONLY difference will be the business models, which is a no brainier obvious as we have total different economics and gaming society to them.

You say you dont care about eSports, well, you should, for us to compete along side the other versions we have to have the same version and same things available in game, other wise its completely pointless, which they do say in the video

You guys do realize that you’re pointing out that this is a different version yet complaining that things are different? I mean, it should have been a given that this wasn’t going to be a direct replica of versions available in other countries. And as mentioned before, it’s not like they aren’t still free, you’ll just have to work harder to get them instead of them Blade And Soul Premium Membership being handed to you on a platter.

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