I know that we basically follow MapleStory KMS’s structure

I know that we basically follow KMS’s structure in terms of bosses and drop MapleStory Mesos, but this game is really lacking for end game players. Now all I see is people afking basically majority of the time they are online. Please provide some type of incentive to continue playing such as better prizes from bosses. All end game bosses drop useless items that give no benefits to end game users. Since bonus cubes are GMS only, maybe there can be a really small chance they drop cubes, or frags that turn into cubes after so many pieces. Lotus is pointless, as CRA + Tyrant + Gollux is probably the most cost effective way to go and most powerful. All CRA gears are worthless, PB, Zakum, Ark, VL, Cygnus, Magnus (with the exception of the coin shop) HT, all pointless. I understand bosses are getting revamps, but from seeing KMS update on Zakum, the drops are still useless for end game players. The game has been tailored to new players so much that you lack any type of incentive for late game. Correct me if I’m wrong, or maybe I’ve just gotten over this game, but I’m currently at level 221 hitting max on mobs/bosses with a Shade with practically nothing to do. If I saw prizes like clean slates, prot scrolls, safety scrolls, primes!? it would at least give me a reason to do something. Even at a really really low drop rate, at least there is still a chance to obtain it.

If I am the only person feeling like this, then I ask the community, what can I do to make this game fun for me again?

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