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To Those who ask for Violet Cubes

Enough with asking for them, yeah I understand they are great cubes, in someways they shorten P2W yet they are still Cheap MapleStory Mesos P2W for those who do not want to use $$ on NX, it will create a huge gap between the two types of funders. They came out once and already our markets (at least my world market) has dropped in price by a huge rate.

These cubes are so game breaking, people who said significantly better? No they aren’t just significantly better, they are above and beyond, and if you keep asking for it, it won’t be just once or twice someone will be like “Bring back violet cubes one more time!” it’s not one more time, after one idiot says it, another idiot who missed out will ask for it and it will never stop. The more and more these cubes come back, the less and less gears will be worth and the cycle will just keep going “Give me, Give me”. People will get so strong that funding will be pointless and I am very pretty sure 75% of Nexon’s income is coming from cubing. Nonetheless if it’s 75% or not, bringing these cubes out a 2nd time will be a mistake and I really hope you have serious thoughts before even thinking of releasing these cubes again, hopefully they won’t be released.

Nexon has indeed spoiled P2W especially with releasing these cubes. I have seen these cubes in TMS and never thought they would ever come to GMS since it was already being discussed in some parts of the forum. Next thing you know Bonus Violet cubes rofl, and then people be like “bring them out one more time!” hitting 50m MS Mesos cap is a joke now.



hey so why can’t you guys make the skins for weapons saveable or something once weve skinned it to our Blade And Soul Gold current weapon like if I skin my sword into razortusk sword and then I deciede I want to do a different one and reskin it I should be able to go back to the razortusk skin anytime I want but instead I would if have to pay up to 90 silver to glamour my weapon again and that’s with a 55% weapon glamour discount. or atleast the skins u buy in the store should be saveable I mean if I wanna change my weapon skin now ive just wasted 900 some ncoin or however much it was to get that skin.

I am alll for weapon wardrobes! I am very tired of getting two of every weapon just in case I decide I want to use the skin later on, my banks getting pretty crowded as well lol. Since everything in the cash shop is essentially just being rented, it should all be significantly cheaper imo. Maybe we all have just become spoiled, but I can’t remember a time in any game that when you bought an outfit or weapon skin with real money, if it got deleted you were not able to reclaim it.