Nothing I said was untrue in Albion

What I said was very specific. You should consider going back and rereading it. Nothing I said was untrue.

I came to this thread to discuss the state of the game and design changes. You were the one that decided to make it personal with constant ad hominim attacks.I don’t care about discussing matters with you. No offense, but I don’t care about how to Buy Albion Online Gold you at all or who you are or what guild you’re in. I’m just here to discuss the game and hopefully provide the devs as much valuable insight as possible to help give this game as good a chance of being successful as possible.

In the future, I hope you consider working towards that same goal as well, instead of immediately trying to attack, disparage, and demean others who express a different viewpoint.You don’t have any ‘insight’ into the current state of the game since by your own admission have played for only a few days, and by other things you have said reveal you are completely out of touch with the reality of the game in the blackzones.

Your ‘insight’s’ are of no value to anyone as they are based purely on conjecture rather than experience or factual evidence.You are very ignorant, you are literally telling me you played the game for 1 day and you have it all figured out. Incorrect.

Everyone has access to all materials, there is too much world and not enough ‘ hot spots ‘ , there is no need for albion online gold market in the black zones because no one is using them.. there is no way for a small guild to thrive out there utilizing city markets because they are forced to run 15 clusters to the next city if there is something they cannot buy. So the cities are irrelevant to an extent. I am not saying fast travel is the only option here.. I am saying since it has been removed it makes PvP more stale than it has ever been with the current layout.

You keep missing the entire point, which is fucking amazing to me. PvP is entirely shit in the blackzone’s due to map size, WHY do you think they are changing all of this shit right now? Why do you think they are making mounts go faster, why do you think they are re-working resources? The wheels are in motion, you are ignorant.

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