Albion Online: I’ll comment on a few of them

I am in one of the “Large Guilds” and see no issues with most of these changes.

But I’ll comment on a few of them.

–Hellgates are already 5v5 dungeons with a chance of looting an artifact from the boss. (Maybe the loot should be increased, but no other changes needed except maybe a queue system to make opposing teams more common)

Territory and GvG
–Why do you want Territory in the red zones? I don’t get any Albion Online Silver, the black zones aren’t difficult to manage, even with small groups. Doing this would just split the game population up. Some guilds would go into “Red Zones” and other guilds would go into the “Black Zone. GvGs are 5v5, and the more Territories you own, the more you can be attacked and the more players you need. (Large guilds own more territory so they are attacked more often. Making them use more Equipment and require more players to participate in these GvGs)

“Blue” Dungeons (and 5 man Gateways)
–So I am guessing you think hunting in large groups is “too powerful”. So you want to limit the “good” monsters to hunt to be only in 5-man portal dungeons. (Would frustrate me, because it would mean my 5 man team would have to hunt crappy monsters waiting for portals to open all day)
–You also seem to want better rewards, meaning big guilds will have MORE of these best albion online silver store. Yes maybe your 5 man team will be happy doing your blue portal, but my guild will be doing 300 blue portals a day if it had guaranteed amazing loot. Can you imagine how fast we would progress, or how spammed artifact items would be in the market? This is a bad idea.

Open World/Roaming (Royal Islands vs Outlands)
–Large groups don’t need to be punished for entering the Royal Islands. They should simply be given reasons to stay in the Outlands. There needs to be MORE content for large groups. If you haven’t noticed, the only open-world content in the game for large groups spawn every 4-8 hours in the form of Relics (And even when they do spawn, most of the time enemy teams do not show up to compete with you). So in between these moments, we have to find something else to do. (We either split off and gather, or stay groups and look for PvP)
–If you really want to help “small groups” in PvP, the best way to do it would have unit collision. Though this might ruin other parts of the game and cause multiple issues.

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