Albion Online: Pretty much eliminated descent pvp

Why i should give shit about reds Pks? if They dont attack me or my guild why i should care?I realy dont want to loose time with some morons who hunting in 5 man group alone players and whn they see more ppl against them they run.

I’m talking about things like :
If i and my guildmates go in dungeon in red,go albion online silver farming fame and there come another guild with same nubers why i should alow them farm in this dungeon with us?We was here first and only thing how to make them leave is to fight them,but we cant cuz of reputation system,so basicaly we can choose to leave them and lose our farm fame or we can fight them and probably stay out of game for some days (basicaly with this second option i just throw my real money,what i pay for game,trough to window).Either way is stupid.

By that thinking Yellow zones u simply reduced PVP by 90%. Red zones by half if not more.
Red zone has pvp whit this system:
1. Alt’s whit strongest rerol chase class type griefing and killing anything on site and gets pretty much boring<—( there is no Roleplay or anything that a guy being bad or w/e)
2. Zergs from black zones or groups who overexhausted to find people in that massive black zone.

Your created system pretty much eliminated descent pvp in those zones which was great before (fighting for dungeons etc). Even guilds which a living in Royal now a splited because some want to be good guys and some neutrals just to have fun sometimes and its really hard to play this way to get Albion Online Silver.New players could progress from yellow zone pvp a lot and learn a lot but no…also soft tier cap it gives balance pvp…

Dunno how u guys take info from beta tests (reports/logs or w/e) but you decreased by A LOT in this beta PVP action. And ur new beta failing cause of that.
Btw i made suggestion for map reskining in outlands atleast putting some yellow and red zones whitout rep system please consider.

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