Trove: Why we complain

It’s actually quite depressing and inspires so much cynicism in me. But on the bright side, the intelligence (or general lack of) is the reason why it’s so easy to make profits on the market place

When do you think the rewards will get shipped out? My timezone is further ahead, also make an in game message stating that people already logged in will get their boxes shipped later, people are constantly complaining about it and people who come to this forum can’t be bothered to read any post (even the first) and go straight to making a comment like it will solve anything.

First of all
We did not ASK you or ANYONE to read the complains over the forums, We were promised to get our gifts on certain time and we did not.

Why we complain? good question.

If this is the first time this bug happens, we won’t say a dam, but 1 week ago we got the same exact problem with Weekly Contest Rewards, Chloromancer and Enemies defeated contests none of them were handed out until Wednesday, which made most of the people mad. I told you earlier if you have got your Dailies then stay off, and don’t read this topic with the cheapest trove flux, and if you see a complain like this, Ignore it and pass to other comments, You jacking **** over forums won’t help us, We’re still waiting for the answers. Now please Remain Quiet and stay off if you got your Daily chests. if you don’t want anymore headache.

Alright first of, I’ve been on this thread for literal hours, I’ve been leaving it open and refreshing it every while to see the only information I or any logical person wants to see, Developer Statements. I too want to know whats going on with them, I’m still waiting on my dailies as well, secondly I understand the issue behind the first post you replied too. I was replying to the person stating all the other people who went  to Buy Trove Flux, read nothing and posted “WHERES MY CHESTS” You misread it as being targeted directly to the poster and I can respect that, my wording was vague it should have been more direct to the target audience. I wouldn’t be asking when the rewards would be shipped if I had them at the time of posting, and that information about sending an in game message was also directed to the people who complained about NOT getting boxes instead of reading the rest of the posts.

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