Trove: the current challenge is kind of one dimension

I get less XP since I can’t solo U6, Less dragon caches if I don’t get bonus class for Boomeranger, No legendary gem boxes, waste more time on completing the challenges to get at best 1 coin per charge (since the caches are 90% flux for me and not counting the daily 1st time 5x bonus) and less hellbug invasion boxes since then i’m alone and not in a big group which spawns like 8 of them.

Yeah your system is great for players with all classes at lvl 20 with 7k PR on them that can solo U6 with relative ease but it would make us lower PR players get a bunch less stuff out of it. Challenge charges? No please, not another labour system like in Archage. What to do when are you out charges? Log out for good or buy Patron for more charges?

Though I would agree that the current challenge is kind of one dimension, which is clearing dungeons as fast as possible of the Cheap Trove Flux. They can add some more activities into challenges like mining or harvesting or special mobs/bosses bounty or crafting.

All the above. It’s a pathetic and annoying system to HAVE to do a piece of content at a very specific time, every single hour (if you were trying to farm for coins – which is worse for low level players). The zerg rush is unrewarding mindless drivel, rewarding people for doing nothing and punishing those who play the game properly.

It’s no where near challenging, and yes most high levels will solo it in u9, there’s nothing challenging about that…

Volt’s charge type system means you can do as many challenges as most people would do a day anyway, but exactly when you want to do it, making it more accessible and rewarding for every single player (unless you’re leeching, in which case, then learn to solo them). No one’s saying it’s the perfect system but Uber worlds are cancerous at the top of every hour with “inv chall inv invinvinvinvinv” over and over and over again, people lagging the world out with pointless dragon spam because they’re too bored from sitting on a dungeon reaping the rewards. It stops legitimate players from being able to earn as many DC as they could, because they can’t log on/stop doing other stuff at that one very specific moment, each and every hour.

As i see it, they will not change this anytime soon. Trove is a grindfest. About 50% of the game focus on just this aspect. But trove is a grindfest with the involvement of IRL transactions. I see where you are coming from to Buy Trove Flux. It’s the ever increasing discussion for more variety in content. However the “challenges” right now are just a spawn of the grind culture Trion has made out of the game.It’s RNG based (bonus class and caches, that is). And it’s time-gated, as well. Mostly for the sake of the Shop.

So even if I agree with your point: We need more variety in content. It appears very unrealistic to me, as these “challenges” are in my opinion, what the game is made of.

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