Trove: more damage sources would equal quicker kill time

I feel you’re starting to miss your own point. In the part I originaly quoted, you stated that all 10 players in Group A were doing equal damage to a boss. If that is true and you are now stating that it doesn’t take more than a couple of people to kill a boss, then your previous example is invalid. You really should have thought that through before using it as your example.

And no, the whole point of all this was outlined by the OP as it was their discussion: The ethics in expecting reward for someone else’s work. I state, using your previous example, that the people of Group A are all working together, thus understanding how the game and its loot system works, all while having good ethics. Group B has someone who understands how the game and its loot system works, and is willing to exploit someone else’s effort for their reward.

I’ll point out that most 8+ groups happen for two reasons: A group of friends/Club mates that just don’t care about loot. OR A smaller group starts out and one leecher shows up, then another, and another through the Trove Flux for sale, and so on until there are more than 8 people. People see things getting done without them even trying with someone already not bothering, and they perpetuate the issue.

You also failed to realize that I stated that you are correct in your 8+ example being that all 8+ groups loot distribution is equal. Yes, if you’re already in a larger group and someone opts to not help out then it’s the same as if they did help out – as far as loot is concerned. If someone can’t even state that you’re correct in your very specific examples without you telling them they’re missing the point, I don’t know what you expect from people.

“explain why spending 5 seconds reviving and possible more chasing mobs around a room would not effect the time spent on a dungeon that you say would be faster if someone helped”

Wait, what? Spending time to revive someone and spending time chasing mobs, etc obviously adds time to the whole process. And of course someone helping would speed things up. More damage sources would equal quicker kill time. I don’t understand what you expect someone to explain past that. Or does that string of nonsense have yet another meaning that you’ve yet to state? As so many of your other “points’ seem to have.

You missed something though. You’re assuming the solution is for them to help. Yes, I know that’s what the OP said but again not everyone here agrees with that. The point I’M trying to make is that instead of leeching they should go and clear their own dungeons or help someone else that doesn’t mind. I don’t want someone reaping the benefits of my hard work without even trying to help to Buy Trove Flux. Even if I clear the dungeon before they even get there as long as they had the intention to help makes it better.

Because that means they’re not following me to just make me do all the work but rather we met up and we’re both working towards the same goal. It’s not about the fact that they didn’t contribute that’s the problem. It’s the REASON they’re doing it. Most leechers are either lazy or cannot clear it fast enough on their own. In which case they should go to lower ubers. They fully know it’s rude and yet continue to do it. The only time I’m fine with it is during challenges and in Everdark if there’s not too many of them because they wouldn’t help much anyways and need their class gem to get stronger.

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