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You accomplish it in the same manner you do FFXIV DPS

Fun fact, most new tanks still don’t know what they’re doing by 30 even when they started at level 1.

Other fun fact, a fresh level 15 Marauder or Gladiator isn’t going to know how to tank in a group setting either. Nothing in those first 15 levels explicitly teaches you how to tank.

Tanking is not difficult to learn. You accomplish it in the same manner you do DPS, by following a standard rotation. The only thing most newb Tanks have issue with is UFFXIV tanking more than one mob a a time. But understanding comes quickly.
Starting us at level 30 was a good move. It caused the 3 new Jobs, especially the Dark Knight, to feel a whole lot more complete than starting at level 1 would have.

I don’t think i could have stomached leveling FFXIV Gil Dark Knight from 1 without access to Grit and the full 3 part enmity combo. Would have felt like Gladiator all over again. (Still does when I’m forced below Haukke for Leveling Roulette!)

You honestly found it that difficult to learn new skills at 30? Not trying to be rude but…
You get a small handful to learn, and how hard was it really to understand what to do?
And for the “The boring grining part” you were going to grind anyways from 1-30.
You could of went back to Sastasha and learned how to press 1 or 2 skills.
Haukke/30 was a perfect start AND it’s a fun dungeon lol.


I don’t feel like FFXIV Foulques was intended to be written in an actually sympathetic way

I dunno, while I get where your points are coming from, I don’t feel like Foulques was intended to be written in an actually sympathetic way. The dialogue with the Guild leader for each class quest sort of reinforces this FFXIV Gil idea that Foulques is just some disturbed Duskwight and you (the character) would do well to ignore him. Even his final acknowledgment of Foulques as “tragic” ends up sounding very dismissive. “Oh what a tragic character. He could have been the best of us! But there’s no point in dwelling on it, moving on!”

And FFXIV Foulques is driven by more than just his friends betraying him. Not only did they refuse to confess alongside him, but they also proceeded to insult him with racial slurs and participate in the culture of racism towards Duskwight that very clearly permeates Gridanian culture. Presumably these friends were also lancers, and I doubt they were the only people in the Lancer’s Guild who engaged in Duskwight racism – either casual or deliberately targeted. Plus if Foulques’s comments and our general knowledge of Gridanian attitudes toward Duskwight are anything to go by, his stint in jail was likely agonizing.

Blaming Foulques for revolting and then having a breakdown is like blaming a puppy who finally bites his owner after Buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil being abused for years. And I don’t think the story treated that with the respect it deserves. I don’t think a lot of the negative social constructs in Eorzea get treated in the way they deserve. :S