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Trove: more damage sources would equal quicker kill time

I feel you’re starting to miss your own point. In the part I originaly quoted, you stated that all 10 players in Group A were doing equal damage to a boss. If that is true and you are now stating that it doesn’t take more than a couple of people to kill a boss, then your previous example is invalid. You really should have thought that through before using it as your example.

And no, the whole point of all this was outlined by the OP as it was their discussion: The ethics in expecting reward for someone else’s work. I state, using your previous example, that the people of Group A are all working together, thus understanding how the game and its loot system works, all while having good ethics. Group B has someone who understands how the game and its loot system works, and is willing to exploit someone else’s effort for their reward.

I’ll point out that most 8+ groups happen for two reasons: A group of friends/Club mates that just don’t care about loot. OR A smaller group starts out and one leecher shows up, then another, and another through the Trove Flux for sale, and so on until there are more than 8 people. People see things getting done without them even trying with someone already not bothering, and they perpetuate the issue.

You also failed to realize that I stated that you are correct in your 8+ example being that all 8+ groups loot distribution is equal. Yes, if you’re already in a larger group and someone opts to not help out then it’s the same as if they did help out – as far as loot is concerned. If someone can’t even state that you’re correct in your very specific examples without you telling them they’re missing the point, I don’t know what you expect from people.

“explain why spending 5 seconds reviving and possible more chasing mobs around a room would not effect the time spent on a dungeon that you say would be faster if someone helped”

Wait, what? Spending time to revive someone and spending time chasing mobs, etc obviously adds time to the whole process. And of course someone helping would speed things up. More damage sources would equal quicker kill time. I don’t understand what you expect someone to explain past that. Or does that string of nonsense have yet another meaning that you’ve yet to state? As so many of your other “points’ seem to have.

You missed something though. You’re assuming the solution is for them to help. Yes, I know that’s what the OP said but again not everyone here agrees with that. The point I’M trying to make is that instead of leeching they should go and clear their own dungeons or help someone else that doesn’t mind. I don’t want someone reaping the benefits of my hard work without even trying to help to Buy Trove Flux. Even if I clear the dungeon before they even get there as long as they had the intention to help makes it better.

Because that means they’re not following me to just make me do all the work but rather we met up and we’re both working towards the same goal. It’s not about the fact that they didn’t contribute that’s the problem. It’s the REASON they’re doing it. Most leechers are either lazy or cannot clear it fast enough on their own. In which case they should go to lower ubers. They fully know it’s rude and yet continue to do it. The only time I’m fine with it is during challenges and in Everdark if there’s not too many of them because they wouldn’t help much anyways and need their class gem to get stronger.

Trove: the balance is pretty good fro Dino tamer

Another issue I’ve found with the Tamer, due mostly to the net-heavy balance on the class’ power, is it’s extreme power in PvP. The net is capable of heavy damage, meaning that even touching the net leads to extreme damage, and if the Dino Tamer is firing on a target it usually leads to a kill. The passive and Dino Buddies are pretty worthless in PvP, being largely ignored compared to the deadly net. The net’s power is further compounded when the Tamer uses his ultimate, which more than doubles it’s damage, leading to the net being a near instant kill for many classes, especially when combined with the increased power on normal shots.

On top of this, the Dino Mount makes the Tamer the fastest character in the game, which can also carry the flag, meaning a Tamer can ult, grab the flag, and run off at double the speed of any other class, while still able to Buy Trove Flux attack and fire his lethal nets. Rebalancing the class around his Dino Buddy summons as I posted earlier would likely help most of these problems, but stopping a mounted Dino Tamer from grabbing the flag wouldn’t hurt.

I think the balance is pretty good fro Dino tamer, I have gunslinger level 26 7k PR. Swapping my gear over to my 25 Dino Tamer giving 6.8kPR. I would say that my Dino Tamer does slightly more single target damage (Could argue that there is a bit of spread… as im talking net) and can potentially outdamage my gunslinger but takes a bit of skill, has to be close range (compared to gunslinger) and aim my right click well.

My gunslinger damage is generally more consistent, I just hold down fire and tap ulti every now and then, i can sit halfway across the room and have a great escape (1) to avoid damage.

Gunslinger VS Dino tamer?? IMO the dino tamer has potential to do higher damage but is trickier to play, Gunslinger has more consistent damage with minimal skill/tactics required.

I would say for this reason its fairly balanced, If the dino tamer did less damage than what it does… it wouldn’t be worth the extra hassle/close combat and skill required to play… you might as well just play gunslinger. I would also add that regardless of damage/balance ect, im having alot of fun playing the class through the Trove Flux for sale. Its quite an interesting one. Though I was shocked to find that Dino tamer uses a gun?. A gun is futuristic? I would of expected him to use a spear or bow or something prehistoric.

With the new dino tamer class being released early for people who buy the prehistoric pack, came a lot of changes. Especially in pvp. The complaint i hear from most people is that the dino tamers ultimate makes capturing the flag too easy. While this may be true the dino tamers ultimate isnt even the biggest problem in pvp. Your main concern is its nets. When stepping into the net the poison damage takes Chunks of your Hp, and the poison effects you even long after youve escaped the range of the net. I really think both the dino tamers ultimate and its net ability should be nerfed for PvP. Outside of pvp the dino tamer is fine, even more then that, hes great. But in pvp i believe he should be nerfed. Thank you for your time in reading this.

Trove: the current challenge is kind of one dimension

I get less XP since I can’t solo U6, Less dragon caches if I don’t get bonus class for Boomeranger, No legendary gem boxes, waste more time on completing the challenges to get at best 1 coin per charge (since the caches are 90% flux for me and not counting the daily 1st time 5x bonus) and less hellbug invasion boxes since then i’m alone and not in a big group which spawns like 8 of them.

Yeah your system is great for players with all classes at lvl 20 with 7k PR on them that can solo U6 with relative ease but it would make us lower PR players get a bunch less stuff out of it. Challenge charges? No please, not another labour system like in Archage. What to do when are you out charges? Log out for good or buy Patron for more charges?

Though I would agree that the current challenge is kind of one dimension, which is clearing dungeons as fast as possible of the Cheap Trove Flux. They can add some more activities into challenges like mining or harvesting or special mobs/bosses bounty or crafting.

All the above. It’s a pathetic and annoying system to HAVE to do a piece of content at a very specific time, every single hour (if you were trying to farm for coins – which is worse for low level players). The zerg rush is unrewarding mindless drivel, rewarding people for doing nothing and punishing those who play the game properly.

It’s no where near challenging, and yes most high levels will solo it in u9, there’s nothing challenging about that…

Volt’s charge type system means you can do as many challenges as most people would do a day anyway, but exactly when you want to do it, making it more accessible and rewarding for every single player (unless you’re leeching, in which case, then learn to solo them). No one’s saying it’s the perfect system but Uber worlds are cancerous at the top of every hour with “inv chall inv invinvinvinvinv” over and over and over again, people lagging the world out with pointless dragon spam because they’re too bored from sitting on a dungeon reaping the rewards. It stops legitimate players from being able to earn as many DC as they could, because they can’t log on/stop doing other stuff at that one very specific moment, each and every hour.

As i see it, they will not change this anytime soon. Trove is a grindfest. About 50% of the game focus on just this aspect. But trove is a grindfest with the involvement of IRL transactions. I see where you are coming from to Buy Trove Flux. It’s the ever increasing discussion for more variety in content. However the “challenges” right now are just a spawn of the grind culture Trion has made out of the game.It’s RNG based (bonus class and caches, that is). And it’s time-gated, as well. Mostly for the sake of the Shop.

So even if I agree with your point: We need more variety in content. It appears very unrealistic to me, as these “challenges” are in my opinion, what the game is made of.

Trove: not to be redundant with the thread

I reached 2515 magic find today and tested it immediately and results are pathetic, i dont know whats going on with this stat but back in time magic find was working and paying back flux that you invest to dragons. I dont get this game anymore and i know somebody will write “its rng dude” “rng”… Im seriously tired, 2500+ is serious number. Everytime who reads this kind of post says rng and escapes. This stat needs to be fixed all over you cant just say rng.

The problem you have is you slowly got to 2500 and you do not realize the difference. I am sure if you ran a week with 1000 mf then put on 2500 you would see the difference. Also to point out it is not like with 2500 you are all of a sudden going to get 10 stellars a day with 20 radiants to Buy Trove Flux break as it just is not the way it works. With 2500 your average drop rate is a ton better than someone with 500. I know this from experience not guessing.

Everytime I read these threads I feel sick.

Everyone always brings up they got stellar drops with lower magic find, but this information is useless. Magic find improves the frequency of higher drops, so what if someone got a stellar at lower magic find, this isn’t counter evidence or evidence of the utility of magic find.

There are a couple ways to properly analyze it, one would be to record the frequency of s1, s2, …, radiant, and stellar drops for a sample of size n. If larger magic find has an impact, you’d see that the frequency of higher drops will larger. You’d need a large sample size because for rare events like stellar drops, the variance is high. Larger sample size => lower sampling variance of the means => lower standard errors. I can suggest a few ways to do a statistical hypothesis test to show the difference, I can even suggest some regression models to model frequency with a covariate being magic find and use that to test the differences too.

The odds are more on your side. They won’t always be though. Not to be redundant with the thread but RNG is RNG. You could have 10k Magic Find and end up getting squat until the end of the Cheap Trove Flux because of RNG. Until they place a trigger that will force a drop, you are guaranteed nothing. Just as you might not get the halloween event mount even with the 25 chest coming later this week.

No… a larger sample size (more dungeons you do) the frequency of sample drops converges to the theoretical frequency. Only in ridiculous rare situations with someone who has 10k magic find would not get good drops… it’s not any way to support an argument

Trove: Why we complain

It’s actually quite depressing and inspires so much cynicism in me. But on the bright side, the intelligence (or general lack of) is the reason why it’s so easy to make profits on the market place

When do you think the rewards will get shipped out? My timezone is further ahead, also make an in game message stating that people already logged in will get their boxes shipped later, people are constantly complaining about it and people who come to this forum can’t be bothered to read any post (even the first) and go straight to making a comment like it will solve anything.

First of all
We did not ASK you or ANYONE to read the complains over the forums, We were promised to get our gifts on certain time and we did not.

Why we complain? good question.

If this is the first time this bug happens, we won’t say a dam, but 1 week ago we got the same exact problem with Weekly Contest Rewards, Chloromancer and Enemies defeated contests none of them were handed out until Wednesday, which made most of the people mad. I told you earlier if you have got your Dailies then stay off, and don’t read this topic with the cheapest trove flux, and if you see a complain like this, Ignore it and pass to other comments, You jacking **** over forums won’t help us, We’re still waiting for the answers. Now please Remain Quiet and stay off if you got your Daily chests. if you don’t want anymore headache.

Alright first of, I’ve been on this thread for literal hours, I’ve been leaving it open and refreshing it every while to see the only information I or any logical person wants to see, Developer Statements. I too want to know whats going on with them, I’m still waiting on my dailies as well, secondly I understand the issue behind the first post you replied too. I was replying to the person stating all the other people who went  to Buy Trove Flux, read nothing and posted “WHERES MY CHESTS” You misread it as being targeted directly to the poster and I can respect that, my wording was vague it should have been more direct to the target audience. I wouldn’t be asking when the rewards would be shipped if I had them at the time of posting, and that information about sending an in game message was also directed to the people who complained about NOT getting boxes instead of reading the rest of the posts.

The Albion Online Spawning a timetable

As we all know progression is a hot topic, and with constant changes in values to fame , it forces me to continue to adjust my spreadsheet more and more.

Well I am pretty fed up with trying to understand how the hell there is any type of algorithm or balance to any of this so I’ll just pull right from my spreadsheet.

Let’s just start with the obvious, fame requirements.

So whatever happened there is puzzling, but lets move on to simple crafting.

As I have been updating this, this is where I feel like even with the resource’s getting knocked down on respawn we have a problem.

This is factoring in BASE material crafting for tool’s. So you only need to craft 61 (of said tool) to unlock T7 tool’s. You can do the math for each one but the idea is the same, 4 tools for T3 etc in the albion online gold shop.

So that is not factoring in ANY LP, any usage of focus while studying, or the city 15% territory 25% rebates you get while crafting / studying / refining to get the mats you need.

T5 – > T6 366 wood / 122 iron to unlock your T6 tool *with no focus, no bonus’

So you change the crafting requirements but yet you do not change the crafting per material.

Currently if you were to be progressing a bow from T5 – > T6 you can unlock T6 in ONE CRAFT.

174,960 fame for a 5.4 bow, in one craft, study that = 174,960 (WITHOUT any city or territory bonus).
349,920 for 1 bow crafted / studied.
T6 Useable = 295,125.

It’s not but let’s look at the progress of the game which is reached. I remember the game of 2013 December. It’s been almost 3 years. And the proggress is incredible in such a small team for the albion online silver farming.

Let’s just give some time for our devs. They are making good job. However, threads like these ones are sometimes needed to say or deliver something to the others.


I could go on and on about how combat changes.. but the point is there is not light at the end of the tunnel.One minute the fame was == across the board for all categories, now its completely randomly thrown together.. what are you really doing here?