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hey so why can’t you guys make the skins for weapons saveable or something once weve skinned it to our Blade And Soul Gold current weapon like if I skin my sword into razortusk sword and then I deciede I want to do a different one and reskin it I should be able to go back to the razortusk skin anytime I want but instead I would if have to pay up to 90 silver to glamour my weapon again and that’s with a 55% weapon glamour discount. or atleast the skins u buy in the store should be saveable I mean if I wanna change my weapon skin now ive just wasted 900 some ncoin or however much it was to get that skin.

I am alll for weapon wardrobes! I am very tired of getting two of every weapon just in case I decide I want to use the skin later on, my banks getting pretty crowded as well lol. Since everything in the cash shop is essentially just being rented, it should all be significantly cheaper imo. Maybe we all have just become spoiled, but I can’t remember a time in any game that when you bought an outfit or weapon skin with real money, if it got deleted you were not able to reclaim it.


that’s my opinion with a lvl 45 and 2 other chars and premium

Yeah to be honest it isnt at all even at max rank to me at least it Blade And Soul Gold offers nothing useful besides queues and the wardrobe.

In tera i buy elite with gold every month but thats because it offers worthwhile stuff like 2x daily amounts 2 elite boxs a day double reputation from pvp stuff to get pvp weapons faster and the ability to teleport anywhere plus a travel guide that saved 5 specific places that you could then tele to at any time etc.

But premium here doesnt offer a single thing that is worth it even if you only look at the max rank which you need to spend like $100 on which makes rank 1 or 2 that most have totally worthless.

But thats just my opinion with a lvl 45 and 2 other chars and premium.

Also the money mobs drop is so little compared to the 8+ gold you make a day that its essentially worthless.

Good to know…I’ve been seeing a lot more players without premium lately because on Poharan, there hasn’t been too much of a que this week, so I was just wondering once people start the leave the game or start to adventure out, would it be terrible if I didn’t pay for premium for a few months or so.

I would play the game either way, extremely poor or not lawls..waited too long to
Blade And Soul Premium Membership finally have it with great ping T^T

Blade And Soul Combos and gameplay for BM

I Try my best to explain

In terms of being underleveled : A lot of people go back to Blade And Soul Gold starter/beginner zones so they get an edge for PvPing that may be the reason, also, when you get to the first city (i think its jade or bamboo village (not sure for that matter) you should be around 15-ish 16-ish

Speed of leveling : Define leveling taking ages, if i make a new character and ignore PvP and just focus on speed questing i mostly hit lvl 15 in 2 to 3 hours.

Combos and gameplay for BM : This is really for all classes to apply : There is no suited ”how to play” way simply because everyone does have a different play style and with soo many options how to open-advance-end combat that its really not needed, also the game provides some basic combos in the class tutorial / quests , also some classes are more combo heavy then others, with Assassin and KFM leading and BM/SMN (note. this may not apply to everyone since i never really got into those 2) being at the end (They still can put up a lot of combos) also this game is HEAVY player skill/ping oriented in the 1 vs 1 scene soo it really depends how good YOU can be, and no guide will help you ever there, since it may say you : Use skill X when Player Y is using skill A. and there is the problem, the combat is soo fast paced that you not really have time to know what skill is being used (oke trolling Assassins while they use stealth in hopes to get you, and you all of sudden stop attacking and they just waste it and you see them looking at you with the : Well *cricket* : face its really worth it xD )

Also a good way of practicing combos is to do Dungeons Blade & Soul Items solo and practice on the bosses (you can train : Blocking timing, Evansion, How-to Burst damage between boss animations.

Glide/Flying : Dunno, but i think im quite sure they wont get faster.

I hope this at the least awnsers some of your questions.

eveing to Blade And Soul 45 and 45 content was far harder on original TW/KR/CN/JP versions

To be honest you dont realise how damn easy this version is, leveing to 45 and 45 content was far harder on original TW/KR/CN/JP versions, even the private Russian server was harder. WE have got very nerfed down level 45 content to help everybody lvl up, and you still complain ‘its a grind’

In the end we will over the next few months have Blade And Soul Gold the exact same game as other versions have the official ones, the ONLY difference will be the business models, which is a no brainier obvious as we have total different economics and gaming society to them.

You say you dont care about eSports, well, you should, for us to compete along side the other versions we have to have the same version and same things available in game, other wise its completely pointless, which they do say in the video

You guys do realize that you’re pointing out that this is a different version yet complaining that things are different? I mean, it should have been a given that this wasn’t going to be a direct replica of versions available in other countries. And as mentioned before, it’s not like they aren’t still free, you’ll just have to work harder to get them instead of them Blade And Soul Premium Membership being handed to you on a platter.

Blade And Soul Players avoiding players while questing is entirely user error

Players avoiding players while questing is entirely user error. Every quest I did Blade And Soul Power leveling up can be done faster and more effectively in a party. Even item drop quests are shared with party members. You can invite someone mid way through a kill and get credit for it. Boss monsters are contribution based so you don’t even need a party for those.
There is not much you can do if other players don’t accept your invite though.
You can try your best and still get punished by this stupid tagging system.
I can’t remember that somebody ever complained about getting benefit from playing together while not being in a party? You’ld be happy if a stranger helped you clearing a mob without you having to try to click at him jumping around and waiting for the invite to be accepted or declined in order to progress.

Even if you invite people to a party and the yall accept – it still means that you boost other players out of their share when doing a quest as a 6 man group you essentially occupy the area.

Why should the game punish you for playign it with as many friends as you like?

I see absolutely no other valid reason for this stupid tagging system other than bot prevention.

I’ve leveled two characters through the first two acts and one through all three. Maybe one in ten players refuse an invite. (and another through beta)

If you need help killing something other than a boss you are doing things wrong. I’d usually prefer other players don’t mess with my tags. I don’t appreciate having to chase them around.

If you have 6 people doing a quest in an area you are going to clear quests incredibly fast. Even if you are tagging every mob in a zone there are channels other players can use to get away from your group. In most cases you won’t be able to invite 6 people before a quest is finished.

The problems you are pointing out make me suspect you Buy Blade And Soul Gold haven’t actually tried inviting players as you progress through the game. These potential problems are non issues in practice.

how toxic pvp is in this game Blade And Soul is because “Korean Esports”

Sorry NCSoft

But if your excuse for how toxic pvp is in this game Blade And Soul Gold is because “Korean Esports”, this game is going to die rather quickly in the US.

I have done around 100 matches and pretty much the only decent fight I get where it actually feels like it is a battle of skill is with another forcemaster.

BM/LBM: If it doesn’t get resisted, because for some reason the magic defense in arena is so freaking high that 90% of every spell cast is resisted… It is countered. Also, I get stunned every time for 2 seconds. Then knocked into the air, which can’t be countered for another 6-8 seconds.

KFM: Counter spam, you get stunned. They basically do the same thing above, except now they ground pound you. Also, that can’t be broken. Also, they heal for 30% of their health. Yeah, because reasons.

Summoner: Yeah, self explanatory. Though, honestly I honestly feel like this is a skill match up against FM. Since I just force grip the cat and sleep it. But they are still pretty stupid but pretty much every pet class in any game is (warlock in wow, spiritmaster in aion, etc, etc.)

Assassin: Don’t know how to feel about this, they are slightly less oppressive than BM/KFM since you can actually bait out their counter and it is down for a few seconds which gives you time to do things and stuff.

Destoryer: LOL!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I have played a lot of games and played a lot of pvp, I have never seen a bigger example of a true 2 button class. I literally see them spin2win every fight. Everytime.
You could say “Blah blah blah Koreans, get gewd”. Korea is not on the same patch, and they did cry about the same crap we are. This is the worst game I have ever seen balanced for pvp, hands down.

Considering this games main focus is PVP, lets be real about things since there is zero endgame right now. You guys really need to take a look at this crap or you need to hurry and release the lv 50 update or even do both.

PvP is cancer. The only reason I do it now is to Buy Blade And Soul GoldĀ get the stupid boxes, the silver and that is it.

PvP should be fun, it currently isn’t unless you are a brain-dead destroyer that presses 2 buttons too win going “LOLIMSOGUDLOL!GETREKTSCRUBSLOL!”.

This isn’t a learning curve issues, this is straight mechani

Blade and Soul China : Freedom Guild settled and (Tiramisu’s) Force Master Build

How I interpreted his skills:

1. Ice Palm Strike
Increase Defense, recovers 1 Force and recovers a set HP when target is cheap Blade & Soul Gold hit by the skill. After executing this skill, increases own’s defense.

2. Frost Palm Strike
Slows the enemy and increases own’s defense.

3. Protective Sphere
Protects all party members wearing the neutral or same faction’s costume from ranged attacks.

4. Flame Palm Strike
Deals high fire damage to enemies

5. Fire Tornado
Deals fire damage and add flame counters to enemy. Able to cure party members who are inflicted with ice status.

6. Fire Ball Strike
Deals fire damage and add flame counters to enemy. Deal additional damage for every flame counters stacked on the enemy.

7. Curing Skill
Cure yourself of abnormal status like stun, paralyze and more.

8. Ice Stream Palm Strike
Deals high Ice damage, increases own’s defense after casting this skill.

9. Vacuum Strike
Able to block incoming attacks for 0.5 seconds. Throws enemies that are frozen 5m backwards and stun them. Removes ice and fire status from enemy and deals high damage in accordance to the amount of fire counters stacked on the enemy.

10. Dodge
Dodge backward

11. Force Cover
Reduce party member’s damage by 20% and replenishes own’s HP. Unable to apply effects on players who are wearing opposing faction costumes. Increases own’s defense by 10%

He shared that a Force Master should stick to a particular build. This build he shared here is good for leveling and farming but it requires some modification when attempting Instances. This is a pure PVE build as you can see he committed most of his points to the offensive side of the skill tree. Tiramisu has recommended to max out SS as it can help you escape even if you are “stunned” and also he advised to get at least one point in the skill that exerts cold force as it slows down the enemies and prevents them from dashing towards you.

I hope this introduction has been useful to all aspiring Force Masters and if you think you have a good build to share with our readers, please feel free to PM me. On a separate note TGC is just 7 days away from us, I am excited to see what events or promotions Tencent is going to Buy Blade And Soul Gold come up with for Blade and Soul. With Tencent flying SNSD all the way down to Shanghai things are sure going to be crazy. As usual, I will keep you guys updated on any OBT news 24/7 during the event. Till then, keep calm and play games!