Albion Online: A single extra server

You didn’t post any facts just your opinions, which I proved to be unfounded. No more replies for you since I can see you’re not going to give up this attempt to save face.

You can’t even read … i feel so sad for you …

I gave you the facts of runescape how it cut down the community by 40% player loss on main servers with the introduction of oldschool, classic and darkscape servers.The player base in total will increase with different type of servers, but the amount of players on each single server will be lower – which in case of Albion will lead to player leaving because of no pvp / no competitions / no enemies / no albion online gold market.

If only 20% of the f2p player on the official server leave for the other, where noone has any advantage the game clearly is dead seeing that the pvp right now because of the big map isnt that big after all.

I agree with this in principle, a second rule set would be great. Couple of problems I see as a dev myself are. there’s no such thing as “a single extra server” there will always be additional costs for Albion Online Gold, any DB or block storage, and providing CDN edges in different regions.

Any new features would have to comply with both rulesets, this always throws things out of whack, for example look at MMOs that offer PvP and PvE servers, anything that improves the PvE experience could, and often does, have an impact on open world PvP.

That said, if they figured out how to do it I’d be happy to sub if it had a “purer” experience. My suspicion would be that most people would. And I could see there still being a cash shop but for vanity items and possibly conveniences (whatever form they would take).

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