The Albion Online Spawning a timetable

As we all know progression is a hot topic, and with constant changes in values to fame , it forces me to continue to adjust my spreadsheet more and more.

Well I am pretty fed up with trying to understand how the hell there is any type of algorithm or balance to any of this so I’ll just pull right from my spreadsheet.

Let’s just start with the obvious, fame requirements.

So whatever happened there is puzzling, but lets move on to simple crafting.

As I have been updating this, this is where I feel like even with the resource’s getting knocked down on respawn we have a problem.

This is factoring in BASE material crafting for tool’s. So you only need to craft 61 (of said tool) to unlock T7 tool’s. You can do the math for each one but the idea is the same, 4 tools for T3 etc in the albion online gold shop.

So that is not factoring in ANY LP, any usage of focus while studying, or the city 15% territory 25% rebates you get while crafting / studying / refining to get the mats you need.

T5 – > T6 366 wood / 122 iron to unlock your T6 tool *with no focus, no bonus’

So you change the crafting requirements but yet you do not change the crafting per material.

Currently if you were to be progressing a bow from T5 – > T6 you can unlock T6 in ONE CRAFT.

174,960 fame for a 5.4 bow, in one craft, study that = 174,960 (WITHOUT any city or territory bonus).
349,920 for 1 bow crafted / studied.
T6 Useable = 295,125.

It’s not but let’s look at the progress of the game which is reached. I remember the game of 2013 December. It’s been almost 3 years. And the proggress is incredible in such a small team for the albion online silver farming.

Let’s just give some time for our devs. They are making good job. However, threads like these ones are sometimes needed to say or deliver something to the others.


I could go on and on about how combat changes.. but the point is there is not light at the end of the tunnel.One minute the fame was == across the board for all categories, now its completely randomly thrown together.. what are you really doing here?

Albion Online: How cheaply you can get your commodity goods

That is kind of what he is saying. But the point is, those who sit in those black zones didn’t sign up to play the wagon-train game, they want to PvP. That’s what the black zones is there for, that’s who they’re supposed to cater for. I’m still confident that fast travel has nothing to do with their current issues, and while bringing back fast travel will mitigate some of their concerns it will not fix the actuall source of the issues they face.

You seem to judge the market based on how cheaply you can get your commodity goods. I judge the albion online gold markets based on how useful they are to those who put stuff on them. The beta before this, the market was flooded with useless junk and no one in their right mind would ever craft goods and sell them on the market for profit – people only did it because they had to in order to progress their crafting.

The current markets are finally working in a way that rewards the producers without forcing them to participate. Look outside your consumerist bubble and consider the entire ecosystem.Again, fast travel has nothing to do with the issue. Map design har everything to do with the issue.

Even with fast travel, you would still complain that your 15v15 zergs get lost and can’t find eachother, and that when trying to get T8 resources you still have to walk for hours and not find any and that there’s no PvP anyway.

It’s not purely about price, the bottom line is the markets are over priced in regions where no one plays, and those same item’s are dirt cheap in area’s that actually have a solid playerbase… so my point is absolutely nothing has changed on the market system from last beta where populated area’s had cheaper Albion Online Items and non populated areas were over priced…. the ONLY difference is you can no longer fast travel items to other cities to actually make those markets compete.It’s not about getting lost.. its about having a goal.. the issue is not about zerg fights, its about any fights.
No one is harvesting T8 resources.

You keep using that word, ignorant. I’m starting to think it doesn’t mean what you think it means. Either that, or maybe you have some form of tourettes. I’m sure it’s not just because you’re feeling frustrated with your inability to articulate an argument.Essentially, this entire zerg whine thread about “Fast Travel” isn’t about fast travel at all, it’s because you have to go gather your own T2 AO Silver.Well, that and the fact that you feel like there is a lack of pvp in the black zones. There seems to be plenty to me, judging by the videos, news articles, and tours of the black zones I’ve taken as the guest of end game guilds.

And yes, I’ve played this beta, for exactly 3 days now. Yes, that already makes me an expert, sorry if you feel that’s not fair, it’s not like I asked to be born with such overactive critical thinking skills. it just happened. Not that you’d understand.

Albion Online: A single extra server

You didn’t post any facts just your opinions, which I proved to be unfounded. No more replies for you since I can see you’re not going to give up this attempt to save face.

You can’t even read … i feel so sad for you …

I gave you the facts of runescape how it cut down the community by 40% player loss on main servers with the introduction of oldschool, classic and darkscape servers.The player base in total will increase with different type of servers, but the amount of players on each single server will be lower – which in case of Albion will lead to player leaving because of no pvp / no competitions / no enemies / no albion online gold market.

If only 20% of the f2p player on the official server leave for the other, where noone has any advantage the game clearly is dead seeing that the pvp right now because of the big map isnt that big after all.

I agree with this in principle, a second rule set would be great. Couple of problems I see as a dev myself are. there’s no such thing as “a single extra server” there will always be additional costs for Albion Online Gold, any DB or block storage, and providing CDN edges in different regions.

Any new features would have to comply with both rulesets, this always throws things out of whack, for example look at MMOs that offer PvP and PvE servers, anything that improves the PvE experience could, and often does, have an impact on open world PvP.

That said, if they figured out how to do it I’d be happy to sub if it had a “purer” experience. My suspicion would be that most people would. And I could see there still being a cash shop but for vanity items and possibly conveniences (whatever form they would take).

Albion Online: Pretty much eliminated descent pvp

Why i should give shit about reds Pks? if They dont attack me or my guild why i should care?I realy dont want to loose time with some morons who hunting in 5 man group alone players and whn they see more ppl against them they run.

I’m talking about things like :
If i and my guildmates go in dungeon in red,go albion online silver farming fame and there come another guild with same nubers why i should alow them farm in this dungeon with us?We was here first and only thing how to make them leave is to fight them,but we cant cuz of reputation system,so basicaly we can choose to leave them and lose our farm fame or we can fight them and probably stay out of game for some days (basicaly with this second option i just throw my real money,what i pay for game,trough to window).Either way is stupid.

By that thinking Yellow zones u simply reduced PVP by 90%. Red zones by half if not more.
Red zone has pvp whit this system:
1. Alt’s whit strongest rerol chase class type griefing and killing anything on site and gets pretty much boring<—( there is no Roleplay or anything that a guy being bad or w/e)
2. Zergs from black zones or groups who overexhausted to find people in that massive black zone.

Your created system pretty much eliminated descent pvp in those zones which was great before (fighting for dungeons etc). Even guilds which a living in Royal now a splited because some want to be good guys and some neutrals just to have fun sometimes and its really hard to play this way to get Albion Online Silver.New players could progress from yellow zone pvp a lot and learn a lot but no…also soft tier cap it gives balance pvp…

Dunno how u guys take info from beta tests (reports/logs or w/e) but you decreased by A LOT in this beta PVP action. And ur new beta failing cause of that.
Btw i made suggestion for map reskining in outlands atleast putting some yellow and red zones whitout rep system please consider.

Albion Online: I’ll comment on a few of them

I am in one of the “Large Guilds” and see no issues with most of these changes.

But I’ll comment on a few of them.

–Hellgates are already 5v5 dungeons with a chance of looting an artifact from the boss. (Maybe the loot should be increased, but no other changes needed except maybe a queue system to make opposing teams more common)

Territory and GvG
–Why do you want Territory in the red zones? I don’t get any Albion Online Silver, the black zones aren’t difficult to manage, even with small groups. Doing this would just split the game population up. Some guilds would go into “Red Zones” and other guilds would go into the “Black Zone. GvGs are 5v5, and the more Territories you own, the more you can be attacked and the more players you need. (Large guilds own more territory so they are attacked more often. Making them use more Equipment and require more players to participate in these GvGs)

“Blue” Dungeons (and 5 man Gateways)
–So I am guessing you think hunting in large groups is “too powerful”. So you want to limit the “good” monsters to hunt to be only in 5-man portal dungeons. (Would frustrate me, because it would mean my 5 man team would have to hunt crappy monsters waiting for portals to open all day)
–You also seem to want better rewards, meaning big guilds will have MORE of these best albion online silver store. Yes maybe your 5 man team will be happy doing your blue portal, but my guild will be doing 300 blue portals a day if it had guaranteed amazing loot. Can you imagine how fast we would progress, or how spammed artifact items would be in the market? This is a bad idea.

Open World/Roaming (Royal Islands vs Outlands)
–Large groups don’t need to be punished for entering the Royal Islands. They should simply be given reasons to stay in the Outlands. There needs to be MORE content for large groups. If you haven’t noticed, the only open-world content in the game for large groups spawn every 4-8 hours in the form of Relics (And even when they do spawn, most of the time enemy teams do not show up to compete with you). So in between these moments, we have to find something else to do. (We either split off and gather, or stay groups and look for PvP)
–If you really want to help “small groups” in PvP, the best way to do it would have unit collision. Though this might ruin other parts of the game and cause multiple issues.

Nothing I said was untrue in Albion

What I said was very specific. You should consider going back and rereading it. Nothing I said was untrue.

I came to this thread to discuss the state of the game and design changes. You were the one that decided to make it personal with constant ad hominim attacks.I don’t care about discussing matters with you. No offense, but I don’t care about how to Buy Albion Online Gold you at all or who you are or what guild you’re in. I’m just here to discuss the game and hopefully provide the devs as much valuable insight as possible to help give this game as good a chance of being successful as possible.

In the future, I hope you consider working towards that same goal as well, instead of immediately trying to attack, disparage, and demean others who express a different viewpoint.You don’t have any ‘insight’ into the current state of the game since by your own admission have played for only a few days, and by other things you have said reveal you are completely out of touch with the reality of the game in the blackzones.

Your ‘insight’s’ are of no value to anyone as they are based purely on conjecture rather than experience or factual evidence.You are very ignorant, you are literally telling me you played the game for 1 day and you have it all figured out. Incorrect.

Everyone has access to all materials, there is too much world and not enough ‘ hot spots ‘ , there is no need for albion online gold market in the black zones because no one is using them.. there is no way for a small guild to thrive out there utilizing city markets because they are forced to run 15 clusters to the next city if there is something they cannot buy. So the cities are irrelevant to an extent. I am not saying fast travel is the only option here.. I am saying since it has been removed it makes PvP more stale than it has ever been with the current layout.

You keep missing the entire point, which is fucking amazing to me. PvP is entirely shit in the blackzone’s due to map size, WHY do you think they are changing all of this shit right now? Why do you think they are making mounts go faster, why do you think they are re-working resources? The wheels are in motion, you are ignorant.

Albion Learn to not be sarcastic

I think the way it is now, the more characters you have with premium the better off you will be. My main is a fighter and gatherer and my alt is a refiner/crafter. I really wish they’d just remove LP though and maybe adjust fame required to level up, I hate NEEDING another character or two to be the most efficient.
Depend on how many time you have to play the game, but the game is made so you can’t do all by yourself (at least, not in a short time).
Anyway, you can have 3 char max per account.
I have 3 char with premium right now, 1 fighter/gatherer and the other 2 for crafting, refining,albion online silver farming, etc, but ofc i will not be able to do all by myself eventually.

There is only a drawback if you intend to use LP on gathering or crafting.If you just do like normal people and dont spend LP on those two, you’ll be fine.Using alts for gathering/crafting is an elitist thing. Not something the average player should do. When newbies get this advice, its simply wrong. Just dont spend LP on anything other than what you want to focus your online time on.

Alts are only powerful in the first month or two. After that, everybody will be able to craft their own items anyways. After 6 months, everybody will be able to craft everything, because low tier mats are no longer needed in the same amount, so they are cheap or easy to get.TIME is the limiting factor to what a player can accomplish.
If someone has 10 alts but only plays 2 hours per day, his 10 alts are completely useless.

If I’m on a guild’s A-GvG-team, then I need to be levelling all of my Albion Online Gold to keep up. This will keep me from using my alts anyways.What you people don’t get is that having alts is only a competitive advantage for guilds that actively boost their crafters. Or players that play an absurd amount of time and have time to gather. And only during the first few months of the game.There are very few of such players/guilds. And the time in which alts give a competitive advantage is very short.

So you guys are totally exaggerating the effect on the game in the medium to long term. You are only looking at the super short term.You weren’t being very specific on the system. Your first reply draws up something completely different than your second reply.Had you used the words “shared LP pool” or something similar, you would have described it sufficiently.

Learn to not be sarcastic when YOU are the root cause of the misunderstanding. We can talk again when you are adult enough for that.