The Albion Online Spawning a timetable

As we all know progression is a hot topic, and with constant changes in values to fame , it forces me to continue to adjust my spreadsheet more and more.

Well I am pretty fed up with trying to understand how the hell there is any type of algorithm or balance to any of this so I’ll just pull right from my spreadsheet.

Let’s just start with the obvious, fame requirements.

So whatever happened there is puzzling, but lets move on to simple crafting.

As I have been updating this, this is where I feel like even with the resource’s getting knocked down on respawn we have a problem.

This is factoring in BASE material crafting for tool’s. So you only need to craft 61 (of said tool) to unlock T7 tool’s. You can do the math for each one but the idea is the same, 4 tools for T3 etc in the albion online gold shop.

So that is not factoring in ANY LP, any usage of focus while studying, or the city 15% territory 25% rebates you get while crafting / studying / refining to get the mats you need.

T5 – > T6 366 wood / 122 iron to unlock your T6 tool *with no focus, no bonus’

So you change the crafting requirements but yet you do not change the crafting per material.

Currently if you were to be progressing a bow from T5 – > T6 you can unlock T6 in ONE CRAFT.

174,960 fame for a 5.4 bow, in one craft, study that = 174,960 (WITHOUT any city or territory bonus).
349,920 for 1 bow crafted / studied.
T6 Useable = 295,125.

It’s not but let’s look at the progress of the game which is reached. I remember the game of 2013 December. It’s been almost 3 years. And the proggress is incredible in such a small team for the albion online silver farming.

Let’s just give some time for our devs. They are making good job. However, threads like these ones are sometimes needed to say or deliver something to the others.


I could go on and on about how combat changes.. but the point is there is not light at the end of the tunnel.One minute the fame was == across the board for all categories, now its completely randomly thrown together.. what are you really doing here?

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