Final Fantasy XIV PvP Consecutive Loss Bonus. Turn it into a Consecutive Match Bonus

The consecutive loss bonus that stacks up every time you come in 2nd, or 3rd, is just badly done in my opinion. While it’s definitely nice, i feel it something else should Buy FFXIV Gil have been done with it.

As it is right now, getting the loss bonus is better than scattered wins. If you come in 2nd or 3rd enough, the bonus will stack up to 50%, where you will begin getting 300 Exp for every 3rd place, and 450 Exp for every 2nd place. It’s nice, but the problem is, if you can keep that chain going by getting 2nd/3rd, you come out with a LOT more exp overall than if you were getting scattered wins in between a bunch of losses. It makes you feel like you should be playing for second or third any time that bonus begins to stack up, otherwise you lose it and are back to getting 200/300 per match until it racks up again.

I don’t know if it would be too much exp if it stays at 50%, but I feel that the bonus should be turned into a consecutive play bonus, where as you play more and more matches for the day, the bonus racks up until it caps itself out.

Reward people for playing multiple matches, no matter the place they come in, not just those who keep losing. And especially not a bonus that gives a better reward through prioritizing constant second place, something much easier to get Cheap FFXIV Gil than 1st.

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