Wildstar wasn’t nearly as hyped as this game was

Well part of that is that Wildstar wasn’t nearly as hyped as this game was. Nowhere near. But yeah, they should definitely be actively trying to deal with the bots and all that, and restart Cheap Blade And Soul Gold the servers as above posters have mentioned. I don’t think they were expecting this many people at all. I started seeing a lot more hype for this game over the last week and half or so, started hearing about this game everywhere, especially after the 13th with the early access. But yeah, this is really bad, and they’ve gotta do something quick.

It’s important that we consider the long term plan for the servers so while the issue with queues seemingly can be remedied by “increasing capacity” it is not optimal nor ideal as we would experience server complications like increase lag, latency, imbalance population– that would impact overall game experience.

During closed beta, we tested the load of our servers and we identified the ideal capacity, which we are at now. Our next option is to bring on new servers for players who haven’t been able to get in or for players looking to get into the game later.

We are taking this issue seriously and working around the clock to get our players into the game. As you know, it isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it resolution as we are actively working, monitoring, and implementing changes necessary.

More to come, folks, and we’ll provide all the updates we can.

thanks Hime , guess all we can do now is Buy Blade And Soul Gold wait for the dev team to implement the changes.

btw what if servers were joined instead of making a whole bunch? that way balance is still implemented

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