Censorship” is just a buzzword

Censored for “Questionable” Material in Western Release
Yeah a lot of us have seen this already. There was nothing wrong with having a sexist NPC who then was forced to Buy Blade And Soul Gold acknowledge he was wrong. Nor was there anything wrong with a man peeping on a female and then being forced to suffer the consequences of his actions. Showing characters suffer or learn that their way of thinking on a matter is wrong, is far more powerful as a life lesson than simply removing it all and acting like these characters never had bad personalities in the first place.
The people whining about this are really immature and obnoxious. Go play the asian version if you find it so objectionable. “Censorship” is just a buzzword. NCsoft is not a dictator government regime ruining your lives because they changed some text. Most people playing the NA release won’t know the difference, and speaking as one of those players I absolutely do not care. 
Well this would be a root of concern; especially when it had been said “We will keep the game to its originality” however the views of current American society impedes on the purity that the game was. Is NA (specifically America) that sensitive to  something like that when the rest of NA uses such subtle to extreme measures to sell products by using ‘sexual’ or related themes. This goes for shamwow as well… jking….

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