Continuing at Blade And Soul Bamboo Village

Day 2. Continuing at Bamboo Village. The town is very lively. There’s a lot of people but they don’t have very much to say. Still, good job BnS. Walking around a bit and… cue generic mmo bank npc. Ok let’s take a quest and, quest refers to using the quest tracker, even though I have the quest tracker disabled. Again BnS, this is what the journal is supposed to be for. Mysterious disembodied voice returns to let me know my weapon does not need to be repaired and that my party invite was, in fact, sent. Phew, I was worried that clicking the party invite button was going to do something else besides inviting someone to my party. Thanks mysterious disembodied voice, you always have my back.

I noticed the mouse sometimes becomes visible at the edge of the game window while in windowed mode. Awkward struggle ensues to make the camera face the way I want it to. Let’s see, I’m given a vast selection of… 1 response to pick from when talking to people. Good thing I’m here to make these delicate decisions. Invisible walls everywhere. Now I have… another survey? There goes the 4th wall again.

All right! I got a quest to repair my weapon and…I can’t complete it because my weapon doesn’t need to be repaired. Moving on. My psychic abilities continue to prove useful in determining what my reward from each quest will be before I receive them. And what’s with the thought bubbles on npcs during conversations? Am I a telepath as well? Let’s do this quest which ends at the crematory. Only there’s no crematory on the map. Ten minutes later and I found the guy at Foshi Pyers, which actually IS on the map. Round of applause for that guy’s ability to give directions.

That’s all I got for now. Looking forward to playing Blade And Soul Gold more. On a non-satirical note, you guys are doing a great job so far. Thank you for working hard to get our servers back up.

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