that’s my opinion with a lvl 45 and 2 other chars and premium

Yeah to be honest it isnt at all even at max rank to me at least it Blade And Soul Gold offers nothing useful besides queues and the wardrobe.

In tera i buy elite with gold every month but thats because it offers worthwhile stuff like 2x daily amounts 2 elite boxs a day double reputation from pvp stuff to get pvp weapons faster and the ability to teleport anywhere plus a travel guide that saved 5 specific places that you could then tele to at any time etc.

But premium here doesnt offer a single thing that is worth it even if you only look at the max rank which you need to spend like $100 on which makes rank 1 or 2 that most have totally worthless.

But thats just my opinion with a lvl 45 and 2 other chars and premium.

Also the money mobs drop is so little compared to the 8+ gold you make a day that its essentially worthless.

Good to know…I’ve been seeing a lot more players without premium lately because on Poharan, there hasn’t been too much of a que this week, so I was just wondering once people start the leave the game or start to adventure out, would it be terrible if I didn’t pay for premium for a few months or so.

I would play the game either way, extremely poor or not lawls..waited too long to
Blade And Soul Premium Membership finally have it with great ping T^T

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